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LeAnne Long County Commissioner District 5

LeAnne Long County Commissioner District 5

What I stand for! 

I entered this campaign with a deep sense of duty and passion for our community. Over the past 36 years, I have been privileged to call Newton County my home, and it has been an honor to serve alongside you in various capacities. From my tenure on the Board of Commissioners to my involvement in local initiatives, I have dedicated myself to improving our shared community.

I am asking for your VOTE on November 5th 2024 in the General Election to be your District 5 County Commissioner.

LeAnne's principles, goals, and actions:  

  • Committed and determined to bring a positive transformation to the board of commissioners.
  • Work to preserve our rural landscape while promoting responsible growth.
  • Communication: listen to your concerns and ensure that our voices are heard
  • Together, we will build a brighter future for Newton County District 5.

Experience serving the citizens of Newton County:

During my time on the Board of Commissioners, I have advocated for responsible growth and development that prioritizes the needs of our citizens. I have fought against reckless zoning decisions that would jeopardize the character and integrity of our neighborhoods. My goal has always been to ensure that Newton County remains a place where families can thrive for generations and feel safe. 

Qualified for the Job on the 1st day:

As a longtime resident and business owner, I understand the intricacies of our community and the challenges we face. I have undergone extensive training to prepare for the responsibilities of serving as your District 5 Commissioner. My commitment to transparency, accountability, communication, and collaboration sets me apart as a leader who has always put the interests of our citizens first.

Professional Experience:

With over 25 years of experience in real estate, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I deeply understand our community's issues, from infrastructure to land use planning and high-density zoning.

I aim to avoid a mass exit from citizens who have invested in our community. I have successfully defeated complex zoning decisions in District 5, always keeping the best interests of our citizens in mind and preserving our current landscape.

With my experience in real estate, I possess a profound understanding of our community's challenges, enabling me to pledge as a steadfast advocate for policies that manage growth while prioritizing conservation and community input. I understand what type of housing is needed in the area and what citizens want from their leaders.

Over the years, I have remained an unwavering advocate for responsible land use policies, tirelessly combating inappropriate development projects and high-density zoning proposals that threaten to erode the essence of what makes District 5 unique. 

As your candadate, I am already working with pending zonings and board members to solve the crucial areas that can not wait until 2025. Below are a few areas that have to address right away.

  • Affordable housing is a buzz word used by politicals. Affordable Housing currently does not exist due to the bad decisions made on the national level and soaring interest rates, we must focus on responsible growth for all citizens. Investors not from our community make up 64% of home ownership in Georgia, they turn these homes in to rentals  homes with high rents. Now they are building Rental Townhomes all over Georgia. The more the investors buy, first time buyers are priced out of the market. We must keep the dream of homeownership alive for all. 
  • Smart Growth is a overused term spouted off by delevopers and politicans. Delevopers only care about building for profit and not for the communities longevity. 
  • Zoning Codes, our currently building requlations have too many loopholes, I understand how we can make the much needed corrections. I will make this a proirty for postive change. 
  • Your Taxes, holding the line on expenses and being accountable for ALL tax dollars. 


How will the citizens benefit from LeAnne as their District Commissioner:

As your District 5 Commissioner, I will tirelessly advocate for our community. I will work to preserve our rural landscape while promoting responsible growth and future development. I will listen to your concerns and ensure our voices are heard in decision-making. Together, we will build a brighter future for Newton County District 5.

Financial Responsibility:

As your District 5 Commissioner, I am dedicated to accountable governance. I strongly believe in implementing robust financial practices that benefit our community. By prioritizing financial transparency, efficiency, and responsible decision-making, we can ensure a stronger future for our government and its citizens. By electing representatives committed to financial responsibility, we can establish a government that efficiently manages our funds, maximizes resources, and diligently plans for the needs of our communities. Together, we will empower our government to build a financially secure future that serves the interests of all citizens. Vote for responsible governance!


It is crucial that we restore professionalism and foster a spirit of teamwork among the board of Commissioners. The divisive environment hinders progress and our ability to serve the community effectively. As a highly qualified candidate, I offer a fresh perspective and a track record of successful collaboration. I am committed and determined to bring about a positive transformation within the board, leveraging my leadership skills and experience to create a cohesive and efficient team that works towards improving our community and achieving impactful results. I am excited to work with New and Re-elected Board Members, and they support my campaign for District 5. Together we can restore our community. 

Policy Making Decisions:

Your voices will be heard and not be left out of the decision-making process affecting your daily life and tax dollars. My promise to all of the Voters in District 5 is to truly listen to your concerns, value your opinions, and make decisions that prioritize the needs of our District and all of Newton County.

Why am I running for District 5?

I am running for District 5 because I believe in the power of effective leadership to shape our community's future. I am deeply committed to preserving the character and integrity of Newton County while facilitating sustainable planned growth. I have a clear vision for inclusive policy-making decisions and the accountability to govern financial transparency and efficacy with every tax dollar spent. I fully grasp the consequences if this seat for the District 5 board is in the wrong hands. In this Republican  Primary Election, Builders, Developers, and special interest groups strive to influence the Board of Commissioners, particularly in District 5, aiming to alter Newton County's landscape.

Who is LeAnne Long?

I am fortunate to have formed connections with many citizens of Newton County. Over the past 34 years, I have been actively involved in the community, serving on the Board of Commissioners and Board of Equalization for more than 15 years. I am also an active volunteer for Project Renewal and various other events aimed at improving our community. Additionally, I take great pleasure in sponsoring numerous schools and community events. Currently, I serve as the President of the River Cove Civic Association Homeowners and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to represent you as the New District 5 County Commissioner.

Family and Career:

I have been a resident of Newton County for 36 years and am a business owner. I have been happily married to Stanley for 37 years, and together we have two adult children who are married, as well as two beautiful grandchildren, aged 4 years and 4 months.

We moved to Newton County in 1988 and quickly developed a deep affection for the community, and jumped right in to build roots. Stanley retired from AT&T after 41 years of service, while I have enjoyed a fulfilling career in Real Estate since 1988 and have been a small business owner since 2006.

We became deeply involved in the school system, and both our daughter, Rhiannon Long Townley, and son, Colton Long, graduated from the Newton County school system and went on to attend prestigious colleges. Rhiannon graduated from the University of Georgia Maga Cum La, and Colton graduated from Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton with a Agricultural degree. 

Our two beautiful grandchildren live less than 1 mile away, and I thoroughly enjoy being their Glam!

Leadership Roles and Awards: 

  • Newton County Board of Commissioners 1998 /Projects Completed: Courthouse, New Jail, Expansion at City Pond, Improvements at Turner Lake, and the Main Library. 
  • Newton/ Rockdale Project Renewal Board of Directors 
  • Active Chamber Member since 2006
  • Reappointed in 2023 to Serve on the Newton County Board of Equalization
  • Newton County Board of Equalization 15 years
  • SPLOST Committee- Newton County (two terms) 
  • Newton County Comprehensive Plan Update- Stakeholder Committee
  • Numerous Past Leadership Roles in the Local Board of Realtors 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award RE/MAX LLC
  • Hall of Fame Award  RE/MAX LLC 
  • Over 65+ Career Outstanding Leadership and Management Awards 
  • Complete Association of County Commissioners Training (ACCG) 
  • Dedication to years of Newton County Community Service 


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